Our Story

The Family Coppola, known for their love of wine and spirits, have a tradition of enjoying pre-dinner cocktails.
Inspired by this custom, Great Women Spirits was created. Each spirit honors a remarkable woman, crafted with care and proofed with pristine
Napa Valley estate water. Discover unique, premium spirits that celebrate history's trailblazing women, bringing joy to cocktail enthusiasts everywhere.

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Water Matters

Water is the essential ingredient in crafting spirits, impacting flavor and mouthfeel. At the base of Mount Saint John, our Napa Valley
estate benefits from ancient volcanic soil, naturally filtering out dissolved solids. This pristine water requires minimal filtration, preserving the
spirit's integrity. Enjoy a purer taste and enhanced quality in every sip, thanks to the exceptional water used in Great Women Spirits.




Rooted in Napa Valley, CA

Discover the natural beauty of our Napa Valley estate, home to botanical gardens, fruit groves, and the dormant Mt. St. John Volcano.
In 1975, Francis and Eleanor Coppola purchased a portion of the historic Inglenook Estate, uncovering its rich treasures.
Each bottle of Great Women Spirits reflects the authentic terroir, using the estate's pristine water, fruits, and botanicals to craft premium spirits.