gws 1
gws 1

Ada Lovelace Gin

Steeped in the tradition of Ada’s England, this gin honors
the botanical bill of a London dry. Created with a
dry martini in mind, incorporating both Old and New
World botanicals and distillation techniques to produce
a uniquely Californian gin.


gws 2
gws 2

The Countess Walewska Vodka

Authentic Potato Premium Vodka proofed with pristine Napa
Valley spring water. From the soil of Idaho to the coast of
California, to the glass in your hand. This is a traditional potato
vodka with a hint of New World style, flavor,
and composition.


gws 3
gws 3

Dorothy Arzner Rye Whiskey

Our small batch of 3-year-old whiskey ensures a full
complexity and rich aroma. We do “grain to glass”
ensuring a product unrivaled in its quality. We mill, mash,
and ferment the grain to generate the initial alcohol
content that is then condensed via distillation.


gws 4
gws 4

Agnesi 1799 Brandy

The grape-based brandies for Agnesi 1799 are sought, sourced,
and blended from barrel stocks in California’s finest brandy
distilleries. Agnesi 1799 is a true taste of California soil, ambient 
yeast, naturally filtered water, and warm climate of
the Golden State.


gws 5
gws 5

Hypatia Rubi Amaro

Including nearly 20 different botanicals ranging from savory
to sweet, Hypatia is proofed with Napa Valley spring water from
the Coppola family’s estate and mixed with organic cane sugar
and cochineal extract for authentic carmine coloring.