Women's Day

March 8, 2023

Wednesday the 8th of March is globally celebrated as International Women’s Day. On this day, women across the world recognize the women’s rights movement, gender equality, reproductive rights, as well as violence and abuse against women. The earliest “Women’s Day” recorded occurred in New York City in 1909!
Wherever you are, take a moment to think about the women in your life and how far we’ve come.
The future is bright.







Won’t You Be My Sister?


Hear me as a woman, 

Hear me as your sister 

On purpled battlefield breaking day, 

So I might say our victory is just beginning. 

That you and I are women 

No longer trying to woo men 

Holding the truth to be self-evident 

That all genders are created equal. 

See me as change, 

Say I am movement, 

That I am the year 

And I am the era

Of the women. 


- Born in Los Angeles in 1998, Amanda Gorman delivered her poem
“The Hill We Climb” at the 2021 inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden.
She is currently the youngest poet selected for that honor.