Dorothy Arzner Rye Whiskey


Our small batch, 3-year-old whiskey ensures a full complexity and rich aroma.

We do “grain to glass” ensuring a product unrivaled in its quality. We mill, mash, and ferment the grain to generate the initial alcohol content that is then condensed via distillation.


ABV 45% 

Base Spirit - 70% Rye Berry/Rye Malt Blend and 30% Malted Barley Blend



Dark chocolate, dried cherry, and  freshly baked dark rye bread components come forth from the rye grain.  As the whiskey breathes, notes of leather and vanilla lift, which offers just enough of a sweet component drawing you in for more. 



Through the meticulous choices of the distiller, Dorothy Rye Whiskey brings forth a full palate of sweet, dark blackberry and dried cherry fruitiness.  Warm roasted oak tones provide dimension with a finish of rich dark chocolate and brioche bread.